TrackWise Quality View

Quality Data and Analytics

Putting the power of reporting capabilities and advanced analytics in the hands of your end-users is now possible with TrackWise QualityView. Dynamic interactive reporting, personalization, drag-and-drop authoring, ease of navigation, etc turns all your quality data into actionable insights for faster enterprise decision-making, enabling total visibility and improving quality transparency.

Comprehensive & Quick To Deploy

TrackWise Quality View is equipped with real-time reporting and analytical capabilities to achieve a holistic view of the quality data in helping users to make faster and better-informed decisions.

Simple and Easy-of-Use

The built-in dynamic and intuitive UI is designed with the user in mind to keep things simple. Reports and dashboards can be easily created by end-users with relative ease without technical skillsets or programming knowledge.

Less Risks with More Opportunities

Predictive analytics and data modelling provides future insights by uncovering patterns, trends and abnormalities in your quality system. Taking proactive and timely action with TrackWise QualityView reduces risks leading to increased opportunities.

TrackWise QualityView offers all of the power of an enterprise analytics and reporting solution at a fraction of the costs. Effectively spotting and managing quality trends and events minimizes the Costs of Poor Quality (CoPQ) associated with recalls which can jeopardize brand reputation.

Fully integrated with TrackWise, turn your quality data today into meaningful and actionable insights for better risk control and greater business efficiency.