Success Case C

#1 Pharmaceutical Company in Korea

Company Profile
Pharma & Biotechnology       USD 819.6 Million Revenue    I    2250 + Employees

Business Pains & Challenges

As the number 1 pharmaceutical company in Korea, the company was in need of a proven, world-class quality management system to address its challenges of :
– eliminating process gaps and high margin of human errors from manual paper-based systems
– avoiding the high development and maintenance costs of building in-house QMS from ground zero
– Implement a proven, validated and auditable electronic QMS in ensuring data integrity

Vision & Connexo’s Strategy 

The company had a clear quality vision to pursue in terms of :
– Aspiring to be among the first to join the ranks of global pharma companies in adopting a world-class QMS
– Improving process efficiency through getting things done right-first-time via user task visibility
– Facilitating internal communications and tracking/trending of quality metrics for control and management

Connexo’s consulting team well understood the vision and successfully implemented its 3-phase cycle approach (Project Planning & Solution Prototyping,  System Implementation & Go-Live Adoption) to fulfill the desired objectives.

Benefits & Outcomes

The project was a great success in exceeding, customers’ initial needs and surpassing project expectations, in which Connexo helped customers to achieve :

Reduced Risk
Increased Organizational Efficiency
Ensure Compliance

  • Improved process efficiency and cycle times.
  • Fulfil regulatory audits and compliance
  • Accelerated decision making in real-time

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