Company at a Glance

Founded in 2009, Connexo is Asia’s leading professional QMS Consulting and professional services company, focusing on system validation and implementation, risk analysis & assessment and compliance consulting services for life sciences companies in the regulatory industry.  Connexo’s great team of experts are dedicated to the full utilization and speed implementation of customer’s core life science systems such as EQMS, LIMS and ERP around.


Connexo Global Network

Head office in Hong Kong

  • Connexo Asia Limited.

Regional Office

  • India (Central India)
  • China (Shenzhen & Qingdao)
  • Indonesia (Surabaya)
  • USA (San Francisco)
  • Korea (Seoul)

Our Team

An experienced and highly calibrated team of professional consultants and dedicated solution
engineers for TrackWise and TrackWise DIGITAL implementation, and professional system validation

  • EQMS Focused
  • Professional Validation Services 
  • Experience and Expertise across industries

Business Area

  • Professional IT Services
    1) EQMS Solution Consulting / Implementation / Maintenance
    2) Life Science System Validation Services


  • Data Analytics Application
    1) AI-based Sensing Air Quality for Healthcare Institutions (Hospitals, Pharma..)
    2) GDPR compliance Personal Data Protection
    3) Wireless-based Patient & Staff Tracking